Links for August 14th

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

177: Leaving Wall Street, Entering Crypto Chaos w/ Sam Bankman-Fried | Chat With Traders

FTX Trilogy, Part 2: Speedrun | The Generalist

How to Make Bonding Curves for Continuous Token Models | by Slava Balasanov | Relevant Community

Al Usher-Here today - YouTube

COMS 4995: Incentives in Computer Science (Spring 2020)

CSS Transforms tutorial

Starbase Tour with Elon Musk [PART 1] - YouTube

unbundling gamma

God-like Natural Number Creator Person (TM, R) on Twitter: "Ok here's how the Poly Network hack actually worked. If I'm reading the contracts correctly, it's pretty genius." / Twitter

Trillion Dollar Paint Job - by Mike Solana - Pirate Wires

The State of Smart Contract Upgrades – OpenZeppelin blog

Rekt - Home

baraldor/defi: A series of DeFi related articles, videos and resources.

[no title]

An approximate introduction to how zk-SNARKs are possible

(1) OpenAI Codex Live Demo - YouTube

The Opening - AVC

Ben Dowling on Twitter: "And here's a spreadsheet I put together that includes all of the 200+ business biographies reccomended in @awilkinson's original thread:" / Twitter

Interview with a Searcher - with MEV Senpai and Hasu - YouTube

The uncanny absence of nihil –ism | Meaningness