Links for October 12th

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

Three Big Things: The Most Important Forces Shaping the World · Collaborative Fund

Writing is Thinking: Learning to Write with Confidence

The Google SEO Bible: Everything a Startup Needs to Know

A Narrative of Hope for Epsilon Theory - Brian Stoffel - Medium

What Happened When I Peeked Into My Node_Modules Directory

山崎ハコ [Hako Yamasaki] | Album: 流れ酔い唄 [Nagare Yoi Uta] | Folk-Blues-Jazz | Japan | 1978 - YouTube

Haruki Murakami Remembers His Father | The New Yorker

The Obvious UI is Often the Best UI - Google Design - Medium

Inside Hashimoto: Tokyo's Michelin-starred Eel Restaurant - Momentum Travel - YouTube

Intro to Gang Stalking: Tactics and Personal Experiences - YouTube

Mo Bamba by Sheck Wes but it's lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to. - YouTube

[no title] Master Of The Senate: The Years of Lyndon Johnson (8580001056050): Robert A. Caro: Books

What's the difference between RSA and Diffie-Hellman? - Cryptography Stack Exchange

Chicken Tikka Masala — the ONLY easy way to make it at home - YouTube

台灣旅行指南 - Google Docs

Portals and Flags

Cyber’s Most Wanted — FBI

The Weird, Wild Saga of Gizmondo, Part 1 - The Drive

The FBI Lost Our Son - WSJ

Visakan Veerasamy on Twitter: "What are your favourite productivity books, insights, blogposts, etc? What’s something that actually made a difference to/for you? The more weirdly specific the better" / Twitter

Joker: Age of Discord | Lapsus Lima

Links for October 5th

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

Go Time #100: Creating the Go programming language featuring Rob Pike & Robert Griesemer |> News and podcasts for developers |> Changelog

What do you recommend to SSC readers : slatestarcodex

Andrey  Azimov on Twitter: "How the first version of websites of successful tech companies looked like: Thread 👇 1) Stripe" / Twitter

Seven reasons why most Major Depression is probably not a brain disorder - Ed Hagen


Jordan O'Connor on Twitter: "Another month flew by. Here's your @closettools September stats! MRR: $13475.49 (+6.90%) Organic: 4633 (+7.47%) Trials: 237 (+21.54%) New Customers: 146 (+5.0%) If you're just getting started Indie-hacking, this thread is for

Profile: dumbfoundded | Hacker News

You Are Solving The Wrong Problem « Aza on Design

Kouign-Amann - World's Most Difficult and Best Pastry - Food Wishes - YouTube

Bombay Breakfast Potatoes - Crispy Spiced Home Fries - Food Wishes - YouTube

erck (u/erck) - Reddit

James Drake Mixtape - Bombé & Mr. Caribbean by TIM

#paid | #paid helps creators get paid for brand collaborations by matching you with brands that you love

Kanye West - Bound 1 (Original Version) - YouTube

What Really Happens When You Become an Overnight Millionaire?

Elad Blog: Fear of Sales


Venkatesh Rao on Twitter: "Let’s play a game. No idea whether I’ll be good at this. Tell me age, marital status, and what you TYPICALLY do during these 3 times and I’ll try to guess what you’re unconsciously solving for, and you tell me if I‘m r

Expert Networks: A Secret World of $500 Per Hour Phone Calls

The Well Paid Writer: Going From $10 to Over $50 Per Hour

Content and article writing services | Textbroker

Terrace House: Cultural Differences and What Gets Lost in Translation

Yorkshire Pudding (Roast Beef Fat Pastry) - Food Wishes

Oleg's gists - Do you have a problem? Write a compiler!

Tell - Get Your Hands Off (Keep It Warm) - YouTube

Instant Pot Oxtail Broth (Pressure Cooker) Recipe 牛テールスープ (圧力鍋)の作り方 (レシピ) - YouTube

The Myth of Commoditized Excellence | Barry Hawkins

Please Make Money.

Norway’s $47BN Coastal Highway | The B1M - YouTube

Pricing niche products: Why sell a mechanical keyboard kit for $1,668?

How Hong Kong Got to This Point - Lawfare

Where to find the hours to make it happen | Derek Sivers

Doing enterprise financial data visualization after data journalism

Links for September 28th

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

The effect of meditation on brain structure: cortical thickness mapping and diffusion tensor imaging

WeWTF, Part Deux | No Mercy / No Malice

StaticKit + ZEIT Integration · StaticKit

The dude that built - Deep South Ventures

Vision Training Drills to Save Your Vision. Part 1 - YouTube

The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg - for Consent: The Political Economy of the Non-Profit Industrial Complex [ACT I] - Wrong Kind of Green

When Canadians were first introduced to No Name products | CBC Archives

vue-typer - npm

The Scholar's Stage: Public Opinion in Authoritarian States

Creating a custom HTML theme | Tumblr

@theme-ui/prism – Theme UI


Multi-Agent Hide and Seek - YouTube

Riff Raff Cypher Freestyle - cocaine cypher freestyle (riff raff freestyle) - YouTube

DIY Popeyes Chicken Sandwich - YouTube

Colm MacCárthaigh on Twitter: "It's my ten year anniversary at AWS, I got a new badge and everything! To celebrate, I'm going to tweet out the lightning talk I gave at last week's Amazon dev con. It's all about my favorite thing from my ten years: Shuffl

What do executives do, anyway? - apenwarr

Qin & Elizée feat. - Push Start - YouTube

The Clear Pill, Part 1 of 5: The Four-Stroke Regime - The American Mind

Too Hard For The World Sudoku Championship? - YouTube

Animating Huge Crowds in Blender - Lazy Tutorials - YouTube

How Not To Build A Country: Canada's Late Soviet Pessimism | Palladium Magazine

the green new deal – Zero HP Lovecraft

Links for September 21st

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

New York City Public Schools Have Embraced the New Left - The Atlantic


China ’s Maxim – Leave No Access Point Unexploited: The Hidden Story of China Telecom’ s BGP Hijacking

Julian Barnes · The Necessary Talent: The Morisot Sisters · LRB 12 September 2019

The Sackler Family – A Secretive Billion Dollar Opioid Empire - YouTube

Building An Agency (Part 2): Money & Cash Flow | Zest

Ikonate – fully customisable & accessible vector icons

SaaS Quick Ratio: How to Measure Your Startup's Revenue Health

寺下誠 [Makoto Terashita] Meets Harold Land - Dragon Dance - YouTube

Shoji Aketagawa, Kan Mikami, Toshiaki Ishizuka - Daikanjyo (Full Album) - YouTube

Not a Newsletter: A Monthly Guide to Sending Better Emails - Google Docs

Empathy on The Margins

Startup Gifs by Amplemarket

Program & Book Review -- Base-Building from Tactical Barbell II by K. Black |

Descript | Create podcasts, videos, and transcripts

The Fall of Xbox - YouTube

How Life Sciences Actually Work: Findings of a Year-Long Investigation - Alexey Guzey

Amazon and the "profitless business model" fallacy — Remains of the Day


Michael Seibel on Twitter: "I’ve learned a lot about giving advice over the past 5 years at YC (still more to learn). When I started I had a very formulaic / tactical view of how startups succeed. Over time and after seeing over 1000 startups go through

Meet Handshake: Decentralizing DNS to Improve the Security of the Internet

The cost of JavaScript in 2019 · V8 VC: An American History eBook: Tom Nicholas: Kindle Store

The SaaS Correction of Late 2019

The Easiest Baguette-ish Bread: Legate Loaf - YouTube

Links for September 14th

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

Opus number - Wikipedia

Earthbound PSI: All In One. - YouTube

Relaxing Music from MOTHER (Earthbound) Series - YouTube

Let's Play | WEBTOON

Create an App from a Google Sheet in Minutes | Glide

Superhuman AI for heads-up no-limit poker: Libratus beats top professionals - YouTube

poker – Search Results – Matt Mazur

dekuNukem/daytripper: Hide-My-Windows Laser Tripwire

Norbert’s Gambit for Dummies: Exchanging CAD to USD the smart way

Politigram & the Post-left

Eva Design System: Deep learning color generator


Finding the point of human leverage — Benedict Evans

Notion Made Simple • Dotto Tech

Material Design Icons

Musings on Markets: Runaway Story or Meltdown in Motion? The Unraveling of the WeWork IPO

Headspace Emails on Really Good Emails wildcard DNS for everyone

Rules, FAQ and Best Of Threads (READ BEFORE POSTING) [Don't troll in strat threads.] - Heads Up SNG and Spin and Gos -- Two Plus Two Poker Forums

Yoga Poses for Athletes | Yoga for Athletes - Yoga Journal

Mother (Remastered 2010) - YouTube

M&H Syndicate - Phishing [ER001] - YouTube

Classical Music for Reading - Mozart, Chopin, Debussy, Tchaikovsky... - YouTube

What College Admissions Offices Really Want - The New York Times

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive — Play Like a Pro | Udemy

Player vs. Character: A Two-Level Model of Ethics | Otium

Everyday forms of peasant resistance - James C. Scott

The Best Traffic Sources for SaaS Lead Generation in 2019 [New Data]

BLUF: The Military Standard That Can Make Your Writing More Powerful - Animalz

They Sold Their Company for $500 Million, Then Went Real-Estate Shopping - WSJ