Links for September 19th

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

Diagnose Forced Synchronous Layouts  |  Chrome DevTools

What forces layout/reflow. The comprehensive list.

Browser Rendering Optimization by james-priest

Pulling Power from the Sky: The Story of Makani [Feature Film] - YouTube

Two Arms and a Head: The Death of a Newly Paraplegic Philosopher

How to create an amazing “About Us” page (tactics from a professional About Page writer) :: Copywriting Course

Preventing list re-renders. Hooks version.

Keep webpack Fast: A Field Guide for Better Build Performance - Slack Engineering

Panic - Extras - The True Story of Audion

VANTAGE - 50//50 - YouTube

Kundun - Wikipedia

Links for September 12th

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

HOME - Decay - YouTube

How to pick more beautiful colors for your data visualizations | Chartable

elttam :: Independent Security Assessment Services

Dwarf Fortress for New Players ~ 00 Basic Goals and Introduction - YouTube

Microtip - Modern, minimal and accessible css tooptips. 1kb only

From Chaos to Order: A Brief Cultural History of the Parking Lot | The MIT Press Reader

Hong Kong Express - Return Of Dreams - YouTube

No Country for Sound Guy | Kevin James - YouTube

Memos · Bessemer Venture Partners

Why Did You Render Mr. Big Pure React Component Part 2- Common Fixing Scenarios | by Vitali Zaidman | Welldone Software | Medium

alexreardon/raf-schd: A throttle function that uses requestAnimationFrame to rate limit

8 Principles for Naming a Brand | MMarch NY

Aaliyah - Rock The Boat (Kaytranada Edit) - YouTube

John Titor: The Time Traveler's Story & Predictions - Thrillist

Links for September 5th

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

01.Kourosh Yaghmaei - Gole Yakh (Winter Sweet) - YouTube

Introduction | WebRTC for the Curious

All Circuits are Busy Now: The 1990 AT&T Long Distance Network Collapse

Paul Anka - Put Your Head On My Shoulder (1959) HQ Audio - YouTube

IceJJFish - Hot Jalapeno - YouTube

The Hash Monster: ESP32 Tamagotchi For WiFi Cracking — Telescope

Skynomics Blog Post Series: The Economics of Skyscraper Height - Building the Skyline


next.js/ActiveLink.js at canary · vercel/next.js

CAC ≠ S&M - The Causal Blog

help_urself by ezekiel

How to be indistractable | Psyche Guides

Vapor Memory : Selected Vapor Works 1 - YouTube

Hong Kong Express - Hong Kong 2046 - YouTube


» Bullfrog after Populous The Digital Antiquarian

The True Story of Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore | Palladium Magazine

Extreme Precommitment: Towards a Solution to Akrasia : TheMotte

Dupes and Duplicity • Damn Interesting

Links for August 29th

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

"Insane Companies No One Talks About" Episode 2: MGA Entertainment - Julie Young's Newsletter

Wendy's Training Video Cold Drinks - YouTube

Charlie Kaufman on Screenwriting — Andrew Kortina

The Wildest Insurance Fraud Scheme Texas Has Ever Seen – Texas Monthly

A Tuna’s Worth | Hakai Magazine

[no title]

Hands-on WebAssembly: Try the basics — Martian Chronicles, Evil Martians’ team blog

iggredible/Learn-Vim: A book for learning the Vim editor

Bobby V. - Tell Me (Official Music Video) - YouTube

Other People’s Blood | Issue 34 | n+1

Design Tip: Never Use Black by Ian Storm Taylor

Ergodicity economics: a primer – Jason Collins blog

Links for August 22nd

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

Player-Baby Come Back - YouTube

Susumu Yokota - Acid Mt. Fuji full album(1994) - YouTube

[no title]

The Case of the Top Secret iPod - TidBITS

How to display a "new version available" of your Progressive Web App

Marcu Rares - Cigarettes And Flute - YouTube

Be Happier - LessWrong 2.0