Links for February 13th

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

The Hatboro Blues / Liberties

[no title]


Glassnode Studio - On-Chain Market Intelligence

Crypto Reading — Dan Romero

Bitcoin Network Momentum : Woobull Charts

Did the Covid-19 virus really escape from a Wuhan lab? | Matt Ridley

Masayoshi Takanaka – All Of Me (1979) - YouTube

Customized Gifts for Employees & Clients | Promotional Products

Dmitry Lepisov | Dribbble

Building High-Performance Infinite Lists in React - DEV Community

Those Who Work | Lapham’s Quarterly

Kubernetes Failure Stories

Links for February 6th

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

What random luxuries do you have that add a lot of value and you think are rare? : fatFIRE

GoldenEye 007 XBLA (2007) - Longplay - YouTube

Slack’s Outage on January 4th 2021 - Slack Engineering

Google - Site Reliability Engineering

Sturm Mabie · A Jekyll theme

Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works Volume 1.5 - YouTube

Daft Punk - Essential Mix, BBC Radio 1 (02-03-1997) Classic Sets - YouTube

Hip Hop 1995 XIII Instrumentals - YouTube

Bill Evans - The Creative Process and Self-Teaching - YouTube

The Thirty Tyrants - Tablet Magazine

Janko Nilovic & The Soul Surfers - Maze of sounds (Full Album) - YouTube

Cell measurer demo - CodeSandbox

dynamic-text-list - CodeSandbox

The man who produced Steve Jobs’ keynotes for 20 years. - Cake

Don't Worry About the Vase | Trying to dig out from minus a million points

Links for January 30th

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

(1) Richard Hanania on Twitter: "I'm going to post some commentary here on the Afghan war documents from The Washington Post. 1/n" / Twitter

Principles by Ray Dalio - Promotion for the new Changing World Order series

How We Improved SmashingMag Performance — Smashing Magazine

Browser APIs and Protocols: WebRTC - High Performance Browser Networking (O'Reilly)

noise-gate - npm

simplebar + react-window (forked) - CodeSandbox

Making GitHub’s new homepage fast and performant - The GitHub Blog

Uniwidth typefaces for interface design | by Lisa Staudinger | Jan, 2021 | UX Collective

Links for January 23rd

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

How “Money Printing” Works, and how to Spot Inflation

12 In-Depth Tactics to Seriously Boost your Energy

27.2 Measuring Money: Currency, M1, and M2 – Principles of Economics

Currency war - Wikipedia

10 HOURS of Cicadas Sounds ~ Summer Nature Sounds in Japan ~ Sleep, Study, Meditation & Yoga - YouTube

Evangelion Cicada Sound 1 Hour - Anime ASMR - YouTube

Chamath Palihapitiya - how we put Facebook on the path to 1 billion users - YouTube

2. Money, Ledgers & Bitcoin - YouTube

Aruarian Dance-Nujabes cover - YouTube

Nujabes - Luv(sic)pt2 (MPK mini MK3 Cover) - YouTube

[no title]

Links for January 16th

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

nujabes-aruarian dance cover by 4th graders - YouTube

Why the Canadian Tech Scene Doesn’t Work –

Your legacy database is outgrowing itself –

zurb/tribute: ES6 Native @mentions

Management Debt - Andreessen Horowitz

Real time communication at scale with Elixir at Discord - The Elixir programming language

Propane Genesis Evangelion - King of the Hill Anime OP - YouTube


Everything you need to look (and sound) like a badass sitting on Zoom at home

Program eloquence considered harmful - kiedtl