Links for July 3rd

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

Andreessen on Crypto - Marginal REVOLUTION

(2) Keshi - Sugar (Brockhampton Cover) #AsiaRisingForever - YouTube

deathconsciousness-booklet.pdf —

Interacting with fiat institutions, a guide on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu.

A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Facebook is not worth $33,000,000,000 – Signal v. Noise

How to Work Hard

What mRNA is Good For, And What It Maybe Isn’t | In the Pipeline

Incremental note-taking |

Conspiracy: Theory and Practice - Continuing Ed — with Edward Snowden

Book Review: How Asia Works - Astral Codex Ten

Why COVID is like AIDS - Unreported Truths

Ravel: Le Tombeau de Couperin (Milstein, Lortie) - YouTube

Solend Auditing Workshop - Google Slides


The Most Precious Resource is Agency - by Simon Sarris - The Map is Mostly Water

The bZx attacks explained — palkeo

Pestilen̲c̲e̲ - Consu̲m̲ing I̲m̲pulse (1989) [Full Album] HQ - YouTube

The ABCs of DAOs • 1729

American Affairs Journal - A quarterly journal of public policy and political thought

Algernon Cadwallader - Spit Fountain - YouTube

merzbow - solonoise (1982) - YouTube

The Untold Story of SQLite With Richard Hipp - CoRecursive Podcast