Links for August 21st

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

Solana DEX Ecosystem: Exploring AMMs and CLOBs | by Saber Labs | Aug, 2021 | Saber

"The Sovereign Individual" Investment Thesis - by Phil Bonello - Phil's Notes


An Empirical Study of DeFi Liquidations: Incentives, Risks, and Instabilities

Power Perpetuals - Paradigm

Oko contract explorer

Imba - The friendly full-stack language!

Two Rights Might Make A Wrong - Paradigm

Should I Use Spot Price as my Oracle? | Find out the answer here!

(3) Final Fantasy VIII - Balamb Garden [HQ] - YouTube

Hi Fi Mike - Stereo Flava (Jamie Lewis Main Mix) - YouTube

Capture the Ether - Challenges

Flying X-Wings into the Death Star: Andreessen on Investing and Tech - by Richard Hanania - Richard Hanania's Newsletter

Fast Fourier Transforms

How does FaceTime Work?

Gulf Stream: Solana’s Mempool-less Transaction Forwarding Protocol | by Anatoly Yakovenko | Solana | Medium

Lee Moses - Bad Girl (full song, no break) - YouTube

Is Internet addiction real?