Links for July 10th

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

The Letters | Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg | Granta Magazine

Everything Useful I Know About kubectl — Atomic Commits

> The granddaddy of all consensus mechanisms—behind Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, a... | Hacker News

Mental Poker

Lyn Alden: the next monetary system ›› paradigm shift or drift | GoldRepublic Podcast #12 - YouTube

Philip Glass - Kyoko's House, Mishima OST [piano] - YouTube

Poisson's Equation is the Most Powerful Tool not yet in your Toolbox

Low Rider - YouTube

OMG, SVG Favicons FTW!

SUGAR TAB by BROCKHAMPTON @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com

An Intern’s Guide to Trading | Nasdaq

Barclays_US_Equity_Derivatives_Strategy_Impact_of_Retail_Options_Trading.pdf | DocDroid

The Lords of Easy Money | Book by Christopher Leonard | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Making Sense of Rollups, Part 2: Dispute Resolution on Arbitrum and Optimism - Deribit Insights

Britney Spears’s Conservatorship Nightmare | The New Yorker

Josh Mitteldorf | Aging Matters

Age Reduction Breakthrough | Josh Mitteldorf