Links for May 22nd

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

Zero HP Lovecraft on Twitter: "At the behest of a friend I watched Palahniuk on Rogan and he said something that struck me. He said there is a scarcity of fiction for men, almost nothing that speaks from the masculine heart. My paraphrase. Of course we co

[Letter from Los Angeles] The Anxiety of Influencers, By Barrett Swanson | Harper's Magazine

SotN #46 - The ETH Trade with Su Zhu & Kyle Davies of Three Arrows Capital - YouTube

Dan Robinson on Twitter: "@ArthurB @SBF_Alameda @GaussianProcess @elliot_olds The model doesn't assume that the portfolio is all of your wealth, but it does assume that it never interacts with the rest of your wealth. More realistic in some cases (like a

Making Sense of Rollups, Part One: Optimistic vs. Zero Knowledge - Deribit Insights

Geoffrey Miller - Mating in the 21st Century by Subversive w/Alex Kaschuta • A podcast on Anchor

Slasher: A Punitive Proof-of-Stake Algorithm | Ethereum Foundation Blog

cassiozen/useStateMachine: The ½ kb state machine hook for React