Links for May 1st

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

Threats | No Mercy / No Malice

Global Charts for Cryptocurrency Futures Markets

Breaking down intuitively the concept of standard deviation. Why pple don't get it. [10 min version] - YouTube

How you will go bust on a favorable bet. (Kelly/Shannon/Thorp) - YouTube

Behavioral sink - Wikipedia

Disclosure - Help Me Lose My Mind (Mazde Remix) - YouTube

Olivia Rodrigo, Drake & Future - LICENSE IS GOOD - YouTube


Travis Kling on Twitter: "This is a thread about The Everything Bubble. And about #Bitcoin being for the people. ⬇️" / Twitter

Who Disrupts the Disrupters? - Not Boring by Packy McCormick

What's going on here, with this human? - Graham Duncan Blog

Don Toliver & Ciara- No Idea x Body Party (slowed) - YouTube