Links for March 27th

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

Jonatan Pallesen on Twitter: "Is physiognomy real ? A little quiz 1. Openness to experience" / Twitter

Kwamurai - Making Sense, Being Right & The Rise of a Counter-Elite · Alexandra Kaschuta

Things Fall Apart (Part 3) - Markets | Epsilon Theory

The Paradoxes of Coinbase — Mirror

The State of Micro Private Equity - The Generalist

매일 완판! 아침마다 직접 연어 손질에 비법 간장까지! 돈까스는 무려 1000원! / Salmon rice bowl and pork cutlet -Korean street food - YouTube

These 5 Foods Will Change the Way You Meal Prep

The Idea Maze - Trajectory

A beginner's guide to DeFi

Sam Fussell: an interview with the author of Muscle | Human Limits: Michael J. Joyner, M.D.

BFI at Home I Video Essay: The World of Wong Kar Wai - YouTube