Links for December 19th

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

Nintendo: Infinite Games - The Generalist

Bobby Caldwell - Carry On 1982 - YouTube

How to hire smarter than the market: a toy model · Erik Bernhardsson

Provide option to disable throttling/set custom timing · Issue #507 · Grsmto/simplebar

bradvin/social-share-urls: Social Share URLs

Surplus Extraction | Pedestrian Observations

overview for dennismiller2024

A Complete Guide to useRef | Giovanni Benussi Blog

Ichiko Aoba - Porcelain (Official Music Video) - YouTube

Bezier curve

The Git Parable

How Figma’s multiplayer technology works

Collaborative Editing & Monaco

How to change/update a single line · Issue #192 · microsoft/monaco-editor

Playing chess is an essential life lesson in concentration | Aeon Essays

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Monaco Themes

Language Server Extension Guide | Visual Studio Code Extension API