Links for September 26th

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

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Global banks defy U.S. crackdowns by serving oligarchs, criminals and terrorists - ICIJ

Bonsai - Funny Monkey Gif (Slowed + Reberb) 423Hz Frequency - YouTube

Hiroshi Yoshimura (吉村弘) - Soft Wave For Automatic Music Box (early works 1973-76) FULL ALBUM - YouTube

Mary J Blige - Mary Jane ( All Night long ) - YouTube

Communicating with Interactive Articles

Is Revenue Model More Important than Culture? – Somehow Manage

R.M - Chikyu-u 002 - YouTube

[no title]

The Babylon Nightclub Demos And Dubs - Jack J [2014 House] - YouTube

Kanye West - Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1 [Cyhi's Verse] - YouTube

how to pronounce bladee - YouTube

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Surfaces - Sunday Best ( 1 HOUR LOOP) - YouTube

Tik Tok Saviour - YouTube

Jersey Surf 2017 Wake Up - Pure Imagination - YouTube

Bob Dylan - The Man in Me (Audio) - YouTube

Implementing Dark Mode in a React App with CSS Properties | Building SPAs

Bojan Joncic | Dribbble

Writing System Software episode 1 - YouTube