Links for June 27th

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

Extended Fishmans guide/flowchart : fishmans

CZ Wang and Neo Image - Just Off Wave (feat. Separated at Birth) - YouTube

The LT3000 Blog

AA tree - Wikipedia

Cell measurer demo - CodeSandbox

Tacos de Birria | Kenji's Cooking Live - YouTube

Abstract Orchestra | Madvillain Vol. 1 💿 (Full Album) - YouTube

Alicia Keys: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert - YouTube

Gaussian Curve - Impossible Island - YouTube

You Might as Well Be a Great Copy Editor – Embedded in Academia

小久保 隆 Takashi Kokubo - Healing Music - Water (Full Album) - YouTube

Xbox Architecture | A Practical Analysis

UX design: how to conduct usability testing - Poool Stories - Medium