Links for March 7th

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

There’s an Entire Industry Dedicated to Making Foods Crispy, and It Is WILD | Bon Appétit

CS161: Design and Analysis of Algorithms

What the Bubble Got Right

NIK - pixiv

Open Peeps

It’s Still About the Applications

Create Counter-Strike in UE4 - YouTube

How WhatsApp Grew to Nearly 500 Million Users, 11,000 cores, and 70 Million Messages a Second - High Scalability -

Landmark Computer Science Proof Cascades Through Physics and Math | Quanta Magazine

J Dilla - Time: The Donut of the Heart - Donuts (Full Album) - YouTube

css - 'Inverted' border-radius possible? - Stack Overflow

The History of the URL

Learnings from the 2008 Great Recession | Ray Shan

Positive Technologies - learn and secure : Intel x86 Root of Trust: loss of trust

인천 매콤 닭강정 35년째 - 신포닭강정 신포시장 / タッカンジョン, Sweet and sour chicken - Korean street food - YouTube

Performant Redux Selectors with Reselect ←

This carpet made me FAMOUS! Heavily soiled living room carpet cleaning #2 - YouTube

Zip Files: History, Explanation and Implementation

Hooks · React Redux

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