Links for December 21st

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

Labyrinth Lord, Revised Edition

Aquaponics Food Production Systems

Introduction to Stochastic Processes - Lecture Notes

llvm-project/PointerAuthentication.rst at apple/master · apple/llvm-project

Too Late for the Pebbles to Vote, Part 1 | Status 451

Good Sales Emails

The Holloway Guide to Using Twitter — Holloway

How big a deal was the Industrial Revolution?

Vagrant Holiday V - YouTube

New Fund, New Partners, Same Old Strategy: 2019 Annual Letter —

The art of approximation in science and engineering

owen cyclops on Twitter: "so yeah. kind of cliche but i think the whole process has actualized a lot of stuff for me and made me become more of a man which was unexpected. kind of like all these forces and impressions were dormant and this process has bro

Shopify: A StarCraft Inspired Business Strategy

What’s The Important Thing, that is powerful enough to override all your deficiencies?

How Shopify Manages API Versioning and Breaking Changes – Shopify Engineering

The Amazon Premium

The Illiquidity Discount?

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