Links for November 28th

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

Chinese Leader Xi Jinping's Mind Explained

Patrick OShaughnessy on Twitter: "venture capital GPs or angels, a question: what is the average amount of time in hours you spend talking with a founding team or learning about their business/industry before making an investment?" / Twitter

Pot Roast with Mashed Baked Potatoes - YouTube

Max Headroom 20 minutes into the future 1985 - YouTube

digital_video_introduction/ at master · leandromoreira/digital_video_introduction · GitHub

Financial-Models-Numerical-Methods/ at master · cantaro86/Financial-Models-Numerical-Methods · GitHub

Unenumerated: Exit and freedom

Unenumerated: Money, blockchains, and social scalability

The main thread is overworked & underpaid (Chrome Dev Summit 2019) - YouTube

The team that powers VLC – Increment: Teams

TikTok - Cheerfulness and censorship

Why Are Canadian Construction Costs So High? | Pedestrian Observations

The Service Mesh: What Every Software Engineer Needs to Know about the World's Most Over-Hyped Technology

ROOM | Soundproof Phone Booths For The Open Office

“You Don’t Bring Bad News to the Cult Leader”: Inside the Fall of WeWork | Vanity Fair

The Longest Now

An Oral History of LimeWire: The Little App That Changed the Music Industry Forever | MEL Magazine

Craftsman, executive— a tale of two modes | defmacro

Creating a $24k MRR, open source solution to the headaches of headless browsers

schedule [Computer Architecture - Fall 2019]

Never Meant 64 - YouTube

Why Gross Margins Matter | Two Sigma Ventures

The Real Class War - American Affairs Journal

Chuck Person's Eccojams Vol 1. Visual Album - YouTube

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