Links for November 16th

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

Facebook Interview - YouTube

Scott Galloway on Twitter: "Lost video from 1997 of @JeffBezos explaining how he got the idea of Amazon" / Twitter

Clockify - 100% Free Time Tracking Software

Low conscientiousness and its solutions. How do I become normal like most people : slatestarcodex

Time Series Prediction - A short introduction for pragmatists · Blog · Liip

Memories of Murder - End Scene [HD] - YouTube

Warm-Up Exercises That Sound Pleasant But Make You WORK - YouTube

The Maturing of QUIC

Making Money isn't Magic : slatestarcodex

When your data doesn’t fit in memory: the basic techniques

William Sharpe - YouTube

The Sharp Startup: When PayPal Found Product-Market Fit

xo/usql: Universal command-line interface for SQL databases

15 Years of AWS Blogging! | AWS News Blog

One-Skillet Chicken with Buttery Orzo Recipe | Bon Appetit

[no title]

Don't believe the hype: Basic Income reduces labor supply by 10%, which is a lot - Chris Stucchio

Why you should trust prediction markets a little less : TheMotte

Digital Waves - Wicked - YouTube

(1) Solve the Equation - LeetCode

MIT 2006 Integration Bee - YouTube

Invincible (2001 drama film) - Wikipedia

Mosh: An Interactive Remote Shell for Mobile Clients - YouTube

Answers to Quora questions.: Q: What is the difference between Bayesian and frequentist statistics?

Continuous Integration

[no title]

Tarrare - Wikipedia

The 53rd William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition

Neutrinos Lead to Unexpected Discovery in Basic Math | Quanta Magazine

Explaining 4K 60Hz Video Through USB-C Hub | Big Mess o' Wires

厨师长教你:“麻辣火锅底料”的硬核正宗做法,保证你过一个红红火火的年!Spicy hotpot soup base - YouTube

Star Wipers Makes the Rags That Clean Up All Your Messes

Camels and Rubber Duckies – Joel on Software

How to Make Wealth

Build your own React

What is this Product?!!: MIT Integration Bee (15) - YouTube

AlphaFold @ CASP13: “What just happened?” « Some Thoughts on a Mysterious Universe

Andrew Cutler on Twitter: "ML entering protein folding: "For DeepMind’s group of ~10 researchers, with primarily (but certainly not exclusively) ML expertise, to so thoroughly route everyone surely demonstrates the structural inefficiency of academic sc

Turning PostgreSQL into a queue serving 10,000 jobs per second · GitHub

Technical interview with a Google engineer: Meeting hour optimization - YouTube

reddit: the front page of the internet


Why child labour beats school - UnHerd

The Feminist | Issue 35 | n+1

Gavin Baker on Twitter: "1) Lots of pushback to my earlier statement that “Masa is brilliant and have to respect the track record.” But numbers are numbers. In investing, brilliant is as brilliant does to quote the surprisingly Aristotelian Forrest Gu

The Dating Market: Thesis Overview

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