Links for October 12th

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

Three Big Things: The Most Important Forces Shaping the World · Collaborative Fund

Writing is Thinking: Learning to Write with Confidence

The Google SEO Bible: Everything a Startup Needs to Know

A Narrative of Hope for Epsilon Theory - Brian Stoffel - Medium

What Happened When I Peeked Into My Node_Modules Directory

山崎ハコ [Hako Yamasaki] | Album: 流れ酔い唄 [Nagare Yoi Uta] | Folk-Blues-Jazz | Japan | 1978 - YouTube

Haruki Murakami Remembers His Father | The New Yorker

The Obvious UI is Often the Best UI - Google Design - Medium

Inside Hashimoto: Tokyo's Michelin-starred Eel Restaurant - Momentum Travel - YouTube

Intro to Gang Stalking: Tactics and Personal Experiences - YouTube

Mo Bamba by Sheck Wes but it's lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to. - YouTube

[no title] Master Of The Senate: The Years of Lyndon Johnson (8580001056050): Robert A. Caro: Books

What's the difference between RSA and Diffie-Hellman? - Cryptography Stack Exchange

Chicken Tikka Masala — the ONLY easy way to make it at home - YouTube

台灣旅行指南 - Google Docs

Portals and Flags

Cyber’s Most Wanted — FBI

The Weird, Wild Saga of Gizmondo, Part 1 - The Drive

The FBI Lost Our Son - WSJ

Visakan Veerasamy on Twitter: "What are your favourite productivity books, insights, blogposts, etc? What’s something that actually made a difference to/for you? The more weirdly specific the better" / Twitter

Joker: Age of Discord | Lapsus Lima