Links for October 5th

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

Go Time #100: Creating the Go programming language featuring Rob Pike & Robert Griesemer |> News and podcasts for developers |> Changelog

What do you recommend to SSC readers : slatestarcodex

Andrey  Azimov on Twitter: "How the first version of websites of successful tech companies looked like: Thread 👇 1) Stripe" / Twitter

Seven reasons why most Major Depression is probably not a brain disorder - Ed Hagen


Jordan O'Connor on Twitter: "Another month flew by. Here's your @closettools September stats! MRR: $13475.49 (+6.90%) Organic: 4633 (+7.47%) Trials: 237 (+21.54%) New Customers: 146 (+5.0%) If you're just getting started Indie-hacking, this thread is for

Profile: dumbfoundded | Hacker News

You Are Solving The Wrong Problem « Aza on Design

Kouign-Amann - World's Most Difficult and Best Pastry - Food Wishes - YouTube

Bombay Breakfast Potatoes - Crispy Spiced Home Fries - Food Wishes - YouTube

erck (u/erck) - Reddit

James Drake Mixtape - Bombé & Mr. Caribbean by TIM

#paid | #paid helps creators get paid for brand collaborations by matching you with brands that you love

Kanye West - Bound 1 (Original Version) - YouTube

What Really Happens When You Become an Overnight Millionaire?

Elad Blog: Fear of Sales


Venkatesh Rao on Twitter: "Let’s play a game. No idea whether I’ll be good at this. Tell me age, marital status, and what you TYPICALLY do during these 3 times and I’ll try to guess what you’re unconsciously solving for, and you tell me if I‘m r

Expert Networks: A Secret World of $500 Per Hour Phone Calls

The Well Paid Writer: Going From $10 to Over $50 Per Hour

Content and article writing services | Textbroker

Terrace House: Cultural Differences and What Gets Lost in Translation

Yorkshire Pudding (Roast Beef Fat Pastry) - Food Wishes

Oleg's gists - Do you have a problem? Write a compiler!

Tell - Get Your Hands Off (Keep It Warm) - YouTube

Instant Pot Oxtail Broth (Pressure Cooker) Recipe 牛テールスープ (圧力鍋)の作り方 (レシピ) - YouTube

The Myth of Commoditized Excellence | Barry Hawkins

Please Make Money.

Norway’s $47BN Coastal Highway | The B1M - YouTube

Pricing niche products: Why sell a mechanical keyboard kit for $1,668?

How Hong Kong Got to This Point - Lawfare

Where to find the hours to make it happen | Derek Sivers

Doing enterprise financial data visualization after data journalism