Links for September 7th

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

Morning journal template - Google Docs

The Khmer Rouge Canon 1975-1979:

How Complex Systems Fail

Harrington on Twitter: "1/n The secret of higher education: colleges are actually HIGHLY effective at their true purpose(s) This is why I am skeptical that alternatives to college are *solely* what will fix our higher ed system (although they certainly he

10 Ways to Tweak Slow SQL Queries | Helen Anderson

Beginner's Guide to Linkers

The Ketchup Conundrum | The New Yorker

Matheus-Garbelini/esp32_esp8266_attacks: Proof of Concept of ESP32/8266 Wi-Fi vulnerabilties (CVE-2019-12586, CVE-2019-12587, CVE-2019-12588)

The Landscape Of Despair: How Our Cities And Towns Are Killing Us | The Daily Caller

Ivo Mynttinen / User Interface Designer

Debunking the Silly "Passive is a Bubble" Myth - A Wealth of Common Sense

Chakra Design System

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