Links for August 10th

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

Aku No Hana - OST. Hana ga saita yo, versão especial do episódio 7 - YouTube

The returns to entrepreneurship – Naval

Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works, Volume II (CD-1&2) (1994) - YouTube

How to get your first 10 customers

Ibtihaj - YouTube

Channel Tres - Black Moses feat JPEGMAFIA - YouTube

What is Haberman?

The Real Problem At Yale Is Not Free Speech | Palladium Magazine

Why you should become a nurse or physicians assistant instead of a doctor: the underrated perils of medical school « The Story's Story

Why these assignment sheets: The world isn’t going to be a routine place, and writing projects shouldn’t be either « The Story's Story

Adam Townsend on Twitter: "Thread: Here is the advice I once looked so desperately for, it is me talking to me. If you are considering quitting your job, before you leave, take an absurdly long vacation. You will either come back determined to stay or be

Bird’s new Platform program and the rise of the “business in a box”

Visakan Veerasamy on Twitter: "This is a great example of the sort of lazy sales and marketing people do when they think they are being #hustlers. It’s like going around pushing at 1,000 doors marked “pull” then patting yourself on the back. All you

A deep dive in the Vue.js source code - ITNEXT

The maestro of service / As manager of the French Laundry and Per Se, Laura Cunningham achieves the magic in the dining rooms that Thomas Keller conjures in the kitchens - SFGate

Health care is gobbling up your wages - Axios

Why everything you have said about the determinants of health expenditure is wrong in one million charts: a response to Noah Smith. – Random Critical Analysis

Kanye wests “80 degrees but I couldn’t figure out the lyrics so I made my own - YouTube

The Lonely Work of Moderating Hacker News | The New Yorker

Humaaans: Mix-&-Match illustration library

On The Beaten Trail

The rule against perpetuities

Responding to Firefox 0-days in the wild - The Coinbase Blog