Links for June 22nd

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

Ever wonder how Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) actually work? - YouTube

Full(er) House: Exposing high-end poker cheating devices

Comparing the Same Project in Rust, Haskell, C++, Python, Scala and OCaml - Tristan Hume

ICFP Programming Contest 2019

Free, Encrypted, and Open-Source Email Forwarding Service for Custom Domains - ForwardEmail

Stop Procrastinating, Boost Productivity & Get Focused on Work - Focusmate®

Nikolai Lugansky plays Rachmaninoff, Six moments musicaux - YouTube

Rachmaninoff: Moment Musical Op.16 No.6 in C - YouTube

Investment XYZ: Cuban's Collar -- Anatomy of a Famous Trade

User:Antandrus/observations on Wikipedia behavior - Wikipedia

The Hudsucker Proxy - Wikipedia

Julio Biason .Net 4.0 - Things I Learnt The Hard Way (in 30 Years of Software Development)

atreides nuts on Twitter: "time to distract ourselves with long-ago forums drama screemshots, lads. a few days ago i started reading one of the infamous phenazepam threads on TCC (The Crackhead Clubhouse), a subforum of Something Awful dedicated to drugs.

Peter Turchin Impressions of China - Peter Turchin

E825: David Bennahum @getreadyio: extend runway & be frugal for greatest chance of startup success - YouTube

Finding Your Next Idea with Philippe Lehoux of - The Indie Hackers Podcast

Microconf Starter 2018 Recap | Microconf Recap

Following up... Without looking and feeling like a dirt bag | Microconf Recap

Examples | Hooper

Typescript and validations at runtime boundaries – Icicles of thought

Case By Case Studies

Hush Hush - Thinkin' Bout You - YouTube

Theo Parrish: Overyohead - YouTube

Swedish Couple Builds Greenhouse Around Home to Stay Warm and Grow Food All Year Long

Yung Lean - Agony (DJ PoolBoi Remix) - YouTube

El Camino Real - YouTube

‎Good Morning (1959) directed by Yasujirō Ozu • Reviews, film + cast • Letterboxd

‎Perfect Blue (1997) directed by Satoshi Kon • Reviews, film + cast • Letterboxd

Learning to build distributed systems - Marc's Blog

The Wheel | AWS Open Source Blog