Links for May 25th

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

Mason 🏃🏻✂️ on Twitter: "The Art of Woke / Wokeonomics" / Twitter

Obituaries for the Recently Canceled - McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

Live versus Dead Players – Samo Burja – Medium

Hiroshi Yoshimura (吉村弘) - Wet Land (1993) [Full Album] - YouTube

Slack S-1: Will ARPU Drive Long Term Value? | NextView Ventures


WebGL Fluid Simulation

Pricing Page Teardown - Pricing Strategy Show

Build startups and products without code

Pete Corey - Minimum Viable Phoenix

Set Theory and Foundations of Mathematics

Blog by John Doe

marco marandiz on Twitter: "💦Drink week💦 presents a thread on 🍉Hint Water🍍 Hint is one of the more mature DTC brands, so I wanted to look more closely at how 💪 Hint’s brand is strong yet flexible 🔑 Data is a key asset 🔧 Content is a

Fundamentals of Product-Market Fit — Holloway

How Notion pulled itself back from the brink of failure

jlevy/the-art-of-command-line: Master the command line, in one page

Increment: Open Source

Tilde or the Floor? Practical use for JavaScript bitwise operators. (#1) | | JavaScript and my other hobbies

Sneakernet - Wikipedia

'Cryochamber' - Vaporwave Mix by HKE - YouTube

scrumpy/tiptap: A rich-text editor for Vue.js

Praw Emit — Stories I Will Not Write

GDPR After One Year: Costs and Unintended Consequences - Truth on the Market Truth on the Market

BENZI | #BANGUERS (Volume Five) by BENZI

GAWM - B O W S E R - YouTube