Links for May 18th

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

Econ 305: Economics, Causality, and Analytics

Latest Posts – The Infovore's Dilemma

Sequoia's Investment Memo on YouTube – The Infovore's Dilemma

Hongjun Lyu (劉宏軍) - The Legend Of The Dragon (龍の伝説) (1990) [Full Album] - YouTube

Consulting Edition - Project Pack

Schulze method - Wikipedia

Buzzoid - Buy Instagram Followers and Likes starting at $2.97

API monitoring and Site Transaction Monitoring for DevOps Teams


PHP in 2019 -

TASVideos submissions: #6347: Chef Stef's NES Arkanoid "warpless" in 11:11.18

A while ago I built a simple SMS bot for my partner and I to track finances like... | Hacker News

Extreme UnixPorn. I can’t sleep till it’s not like... - Starfoullah'2097


April Dunford on Twitter: "My first job out of engineering school, I worked at a startup. We repositioned a product from a lightweight personal database to an embeddable database for mobile devices. Our growth exploded and we were acquired. My eyes were o

Webflow Ecommerce: Visually design, build, and grow ecommerce websites

Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting - Powered By Google Cloud

How the Promise of a $120 Billion Uber I.P.O. Evaporated - The New York Times

Investors Beware: Today’s $100M+ Late-stage Private Rounds Are Very Different from an IPO | Above the Crowd | By Bill Gurley

The Complete Guide to Deep Work (including a step-by-step checklist)

I’m Walking Away From the Product I Spent a Year Building |

Deskthority wiki

Michael Seibel - Building Product - YouTube

It Is Your Responsibility to Follow Up - Alexey Guzey