Links for May 11th

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

RuneScape: Harmony - YouTube

Everything I Know: Strategies, Tips, and Tricks for Anki

Industrial Society and Its Future

Fuchsia Dunlop on Chinese Food, Culture, and Travel (Ep. 15) – Conversations with Tyler – Medium

simpolism on Twitter: "New (old) book; new thread. "To study [face-to-face behavior] is to study the traffic rules of social interaction; one learns about the code the person adheres to in his movement across the paths and designs of others, but not where

Forget Robots. The Breakthrough Technology Will Be in Your Car. - Bloomberg

The Religion of Creation

How Idle Heroes made $100M in a Year — Deconstructor of Fun

Await Syntax Write Up – Dropbox Paper

Andy Cook on Twitter: "Guess what? 🤔 We're sharing our monthly numbers! 🤑 Lots of founders have thanked us for being open, so we're taking it a step further. Hat tip to @joelgascoigne from @Buffer for the tweet template. Follow me, @nelsonjoyce &amp

Efficient IO with io_uring

How to slice your code into continuations

How Amazon created the Prime membership program - Vox

Jessica Rose on Twitter: "I'm almost done with a day of 1:1 advice calls, so please enjoy this short thread of some career advice I commonly find myself giving to technologists." / Twitter

Death Grips Songs and their Original Samples - YouTube

Bolognese Sauce - YouTube

Slava Akhmechet on Twitter: "I'd like to tell you about the most important article I read this year (by @rahulvohra). But before I link to it, I need to explain *why* it's so important. The link is at the end of the thread, but I think the why might be wo

How Superhuman Built an Engine to Find Product/Market Fit | First Round Review

Raymond Hettinger - Modern solvers: Problems well-defined are problems solved - PyCon 2019 - YouTube

Łukasz Langa - Life Is Better Painted Black, or: How to Stop Worrying and Embrace Auto-Formatting - YouTube

Full Help

Stripe Atlas on Twitter: "If you are in college or grad school (or have graduated in the past year) and want to start a startup, we can help. For the next 30 days, we’re lowering our fee to $50. You’ll also get $20,000 of fee-free payment processing o

Succeed | Free Social Skills Guide For Adults

Spotted Toad on Twitter: "The problem with this convo is people motivated by class status, not amenities. Being upper/middle class increasingly expensive not mainly bc housing *as such* is more expensive as bc class status increasingly tied to shrinking s

T. Greer on Twitter: "NEW BLOG POST: "The Utterly Dysfunctional Belt and Road" In this blog post I tackle an interesting question: if Xi Jinping is so powerful, why does he struggle to direct and control his signature initiative?"

The Scholar's Stage: The Utterly Dysfunctional Belt and Road

Slava Akhmechet on Twitter: "Strategy 1: radical quantification. TL;DR: transform an arbitrarily complex problem into a trivial one by picking just *one* quantifiable dimension to worry about. This one's my favorite. Thread 👇 1/17

Slava Akhmechet on Twitter: "Strategy 2: near/far transformation. TL;DR: our brain has two sets of heuristics to quickly parse complex streams of information. Manually tricking it to shift into a different mode can make seemingly intractable problems triv

Let's Get Going With Org mode - beorg

CSSFX - Beautifully simple click-to-copy CSS effects

Office Hours with Joanna Wiebe on Indie Hackers

Patrick McKenzie on Twitter: "+1 on this advice. If investors/advisors aren't relevant to you, try peers instead. Feedback from people who know the story and have been following along is better than one-off drop-in feedback, and the discipline of reportin


Direct Sales for Bootstrapped SaaS Startups: from $1,300 to $725,000 MRR | Nathan Barry

Memories (1995 film) - Wikipedia

[I ate] Duck Bento Box : food

Recipe: Chinese Breakfast Youtiao and Soymilk (油条/豆浆) : Cooking

How a carding kingpin got caught and dealt a death blow to the Broadway Grill | CHS Capitol Hill Seattle

Network Celebrity: Entrepreneurship and the New Public Intellectuals

Haruomi Hosono - The Aegean Sea (FULL ALBUM) - YouTube

Kai Alcé - Movin' Thru - YouTube

Tomoyuki Asakawa (朝川朋之) - Endless Tide (ゆくえなき夜に) (1993) [Full Album] - YouTube

Part 1: A Single-Minded Perspective on Growth - Andy Johns

Gimlet Creative | Contact | Gimlet Creative

Why books don’t work | Andy Matuschak