Links for May 4th

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

Building China: Rise of the Superblock

Steal Your Way to a High Performance Landing Page – Hacker Noon

9 Tactics to Fix Your User Retention

[no title]

Croissant | Enjoy coworking anywhere in NYC, Brooklyn, LA, SF, London & more

GitHub - ahkscript/awesome-AutoHotkey: A curated list of awesome AutoHotkey libraries, library distributions, scripts, tools and resources.

Contemporary Society's Crumbling Pillar - Econlib

How to Acquire Your First Small(er) Company —

Traffic and Funnels - Get More Clients with Chris Evans and Taylor Welch

Two-phase commit protocol - Wikipedia

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Stripe Atlas: Guide to bookkeeping and accounting for businesses

Stripe Atlas: Guide to Software as a Service pricing

Software, the Tough Tomato Principle, and the Great Weirdening of the World – Florent Crivello

Larry Ray and the Stolen Kids of Sarah Lawrence

Intermediate Vim - Dennis Hotson

A Conspiracy To Kill IE6

How do I get my first few customers?

Base Facility: Genejack Factory | Paean to SMAC

Observation of the Development of Chick Embryo - YouTube

Stavbot - YouTube

Flo Milli - Beef FloMix - YouTube

Aleksandir - Yamaha - YouTube

Streamline 3.0 – The World's Largest Icon Library

Kettenkarussell - Maybe - YouTube

I/O Is Faster Than the CPU

Graphing Calculator Story

Making Uncommon Knowledge Common – kwokchain

Aligning Business Models to Markets – kwokchain

Mojibake - Wikipedia

The Meridian of Her Greatness – sam[ ]zdat

Copy Hackers: Copywriting for startups and marketers