Links for April 20th

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

Chicken Pot Pie

Email Newsletter Advertising: $2,913 Spent. Here's What We Learned

Justice Der - Covers [Full Album] - YouTube

Kevin Kwok on Twitter: "Coming up with novel non-arbitraged tactics for a business is a creative skill that very few have. Typically companies have 0-5 people generating most of them There are ways to learn it. But most involve first calbrating on it So w

Genetically-Mediated Associations Between Measures of Childhood Character and Academic Achievement

Fastly S-1

Causal: a tool for probabilistic modeling

Janus Dongye's answer to How is China able to provide enough food to feed its population of over 1 billion people? Do they import food or are they self-sustainable? - Quora

Private Equity Pillage: Grocery Stores and Workers At Risk

Arithmetic coding - Wikipedia